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Tips on how to invest in property with no money

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How to invest in property with no money?

Investing in property with no money down may seem to be too good to believe, especially to beginner property investors. However, it is perfectly possible to invest in property with no cash down. A number of property investors are already taking the advantage of the various options available for benefitting from the immense opportunity that property investment offers. You may be the next on the list as you can invest in property with no money down by using the different ways and methods.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways on how to invest in property with no money, there must be at least one method that is applicable to you, allowing you to purchase a property with no money down. But you should remember that property investment involves much more than just buying a property, so it is important to do your research in terms of the type of property which meets your personal requirements as well as the appropriate location for that type of property.

How to invest in property with no money – the ways and methods

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a property but do not have sufficient cash to finance the purchase, it does not mean that you cannot be a property investor or landlord. You, as an investor, can use the following ways to step onto the property ladder even if you do not have sufficient cash to finance the purchase:

How to invest in property with no money using borrowed money

This is probably the simplest of ways to buy a property with no money down. This includes borrowing money from someone you know personally in order to finance your property investment. This loan may not involve any interest payments which further makes it easy for you to repay the money. There may not be time restrictions as well for the repayment, which means you can take a bit longer than that required by some of the leading lenders, making it easier for you to repay the loan. There may not be other related terms which come with mortgages offered by lenders. This means, it is a comparatively easy process of financing your property purchase, while you repay the loan based on mutual trust and understanding. Above all, it is easier to come to an agreement with someone you personally know on the terms of the loan. Apart from borrowing money from close ones, you can also borrow money from hard money lenders or from home equity loans. Both of these options come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

How to invest in property with no money using a lease

Using the lease option for investing in property with no money involves paying off the price of the property through the rent. This typically involves paying higher rents, but the extra amount that you pay is used for buying the property without having to pay any money down. Though, this option is not very popular among property investors looking to buy a property with no cash down, it may be a good option for property investors as well as home buyers.

How to invest in property with no money by assuming an existing mortgage

Under this option, the real estate property buyer assumes the seller’s existing mortgage and pays it off instead of making the down payment. This is a good option for property buyers if the seller’s mortgage is on low interest rates. However, it is to be noted that not all mortgage lenders approve of this. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the lender if the particular lender provides such a facility to its customers. Moreover, the type of mortgage held by the property seller should also be considered before proceeding with the offer as lenders do not allow this facility for all types of loans. It means not all types of loans can be assumed by the property buyer. Therefore, it is necessary on the part of the buyer to engage in due diligence on the types of loans and mortgages provided by a specific lender which allow the buyer to assume the mortgage of the seller in order to ensure that the option is applicable to the purchase of a particular mortgage property.

How to invest in property with no money by swapping properties

Investing in property with no money down under this option involves offering the seller something else instead of cash payment. This may be something which the buyer owns and may like to offer to the seller in return for the cash down. This asset is held by the buyer which the buyer may no longer need or which may be a better option for the buyer instead of offering cash down to the seller. Or, if the buyer believes that such an asset may be of greater value to the seller, the buyer can offer this option to the prospective seller.

How to invest in property with no money by offering a skill or service to the potential seller

This option involves a property buyer who may possess certain skills, knowledge and experience that may prove to be useful for the seller in any way. In this case, the prospective buyer may also offer the relevant skills and expertise to the seller in return for doing away with the cash down payment. Therefore, the potential buyer can negotiate the property purchase in exchange for providing such specialist service to the seller.

How to invest in property with no money by finding a partner

Purchasing property through partnerships is one of the most common ways to invest in property. Some of the biggest property deals include property partnerships involving large volumes of transactions. This type of property investment involves bringing together funds and skills from different sources in order to complete a purchase as a potential property investor may have the required funds to purchase a property, while another partner may have the necessary skills to manage the investment. However, the legal aspect of the deal should be carefully drawn out in order to ensure fair distribution of profits among all the partners involved in the purchase.

Therefore, there are a number of ways and methods available to investors even if they do not have the required amount of money for the cash down.


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