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To do list for selling a house to an investor UK

selling a house to an investor

Most home sellers are looking for a hassle-free option when selling a house to an investor in the UK. They just want to wrap the sale quickly, by identifying a qualified buyer, collect the cash, and hand over the keys. However, it is not easy as one may think since it is a time-consuming process that involves a number of aspects. Out of these aspects, some could be within your control, while some others may be dependent on factors beyond your control.

As an example, the location of your property could be a factor when selling the house to an investor in the UK. The geography of the area often has a role in determining how long your house stays on the market and how much mark-up you can get away with. You may be able to sell your property relatively quickly in areas where the supply of properties is less, but demand remains high. In such a case, you may also be able to sell your property at the price you want with ease. However,  you may have a hard time attracting the right buyer when selling a house to an investor in the UK if your property is in an area in which the demand for property is relatively low.

However, there are factors which are within your control that have a big impact when selling a house to an investor in the UK. These may include hiring a really good real estate agent and advertising your property. You can hire reputed real estate agents which may be the difference between an average price out of the sale of your property or the price that you really appreciate. As for advertising your property online, you can raise the online appeal of your property, which can convert into more value for your property and a more seamless closing on the deal.

Hire an agent who knows the market

With the internet, it is easy to look into the sales history and professional qualifications of any real estate agent, which makes it easy for you to choose the right person to work with when selling your house to an investor in the UK. You can look up real estate agents’ online profiles to find out more about them, such as how long they’ve been in the industry, the number of sales they have completed, and the qualifications that they have earned. You can also learn how and where they market their listings, and whether they use professional photos or not.

Homeowners might be tempted to avoid hiring a real estate agent to save on paying the real estate commission and instead sell their home themselves. But this may not be the right idea if your goal is selling the house to an investor if you do not have the required knowledge, skills, and expertise. In case you are selling your first home, it could be better to hire professionals for managing the process of selling your house. Though this would cost you in terms of money, it could be worth it to hire an expert that has executed a number of deals and knows the process well to avoid the pitfalls of taking it on yourself.

An experienced agent earns their fee by exposing your house to a much larger audience in order to ensure the best offers possible. Aside from this, the agent carries the most important part of selling a house to investors in the UK – negotiating the price on your behalf. If you choose to go it alone, you would have to personally manage a number of things, from prepping your home, marketing it, reviewing buyers’ offers, and handling all of the negotiations and closing details.

Set a timeline for selling your home

Keep in mind that selling a house to an investor in the UK takes time. It could be 4 months, or even more, depending on a number of factors, such as the condition of the house, the price that you expect from the sale, market conditions, and more.

It could be a better idea to begin searching for real estate agents as soon as you decide on selling the house to a UK investor. Find a real estate agent with the right experience for the situation you are in, someone who has experience in negotiating deals under similar conditions as your own. Consider a pre-sale home inspection and identify issues with the property 3-4 months before listing your property. Most importantly, this process should include identifying structural or mechanical issues as these particularly tend to undermine the value of a property. These issues should be fixed in order to facilitate a sale and so you should leave yourself enough time to make the necessary changes and schedule any repairs.

You should also work on deep cleaning the house and giving the finishing touches ahead of taking photos. This should be done nearly a month before you list your house with a view to selling to an investor in the UK.

What you need to do before listing your home:

  • Interview real estate agents, checking their sales history and reputation in the market.
  • Move excess household belongings somewhere else, probably a storage unit.
  • Get an optional home inspection to identify any issues.
  • Schedule repairs in case they are too glaring.
  • Deep clean.
  • Stage the house.
  • Take professional photos.

Don’t waste money on needless upgrades

If you need to upgrade your house ahead of selling the house to an investor in the UK, make sure that the upgrades add to the value of the property. You may come to regret frivolous upgrades if the deal breaks or if you have to settle for a lower price.

This is where a reputed real estate agent may come in handy as they know what people expect in the area and can help you plan upgrades accordingly. If buyers within an area do not look for a particular feature, then there is no use in adding it and you may find a better use for your money.


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