Saturday, February 24, 2024

Montgomery (US) launches new rental, mortgage and utility relief program for residents


The county has set aside £7.93 million ($10 million) of Cares Act funding for this program

COVID-19 has cost many their livelihoods. Today, Montgomery County (Ohio, US) has launched a new program helping residents meet rental, mortgage, and utility costs. £7.93 million ($10 million) of Cares Act funding is now set aside for the grant program.

No one saw COVID-19 coming, but many are now left feeling the repercussions from job loss to severe pay cuts. Making ends meet has been difficult, and Montgomery County’s new rental, mortgage, and utilities grant program is here to help offset resident’s troubles.

We want to use every single penny of this program to the people and organizations that qualify for it and we do not want to use a penny unused, said Carolyn Rice, Montgomery County Commissioner.

The county has set aside £7.93 million ($10 million) of Cares Act funding for this program.

We are also only looking for a 30 day look back, said Lisa Stempler, President and CEO, Miami Valley Community Action Partnership So, for many folks they may have been in wonderful shape financially 60 days ago, 90 days ago, but 30 days ago their circumstances differ. So what we are asking for is income documentation going back 30 days.

There have been 1,000 applications already, indicating the high need in Montgomery County. The deadline to apply is November 30th. Both online and paper applications are available.

If applications are approved, the sooner can complete our system with our two partners and get applications in and get dollars reported over to them, said Michael Colbert, Montgomery County Administrator.

When it comes to applying, this is very much a case by case basis, with a one on one with an intake specialist. Officials said the need for this funding isn’t going to go away once applications are due and there is additional funding that will be allocated in 2021 to help.

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