Property Raptor launches first global property CRM in UK


The online service has signed up UK estate agents with global networks to use its CRM and is now expanding into the wider UK market

A tech company based in Hong Kong has launched the first global property software CRM for estate agents, enabling participating firms to hook up with other agents and portals around the world and market their properties.

Called Property Raptor, the online and smartphone-based service has now signed up several UK estate agents with global networks to use its Salesforce-based CRM and is now making a push into the wider UK market. This includes ‘Instagram agent’ Daniel Daggers, who has established his own estate agency after leaving Knight Frank last year.

Yes, we are a global platform that can adapt to local markets, but what we really do is help agents be more efficient, close more deals, do more business and both connect with and understand their clients better using data and AI technology, says its CEO Justin Lau.

We are unique in the way our CRM treats property, listings and clients and how it approaches marketing for estate agents. Lau says Property Raptor has been built in a modular way so that it can adapt to each country’s property market, but that most agencies regardless of their location face similar problems.

Most require multiple systems to run their businesses, including to track their clients through their databases, market their properties and services to them, manage lead generation and control their inventory – and we marry all this up on a single platform, says Lau. We work with larger companies and can customise our platform to their workflows, but we also offer an off-the-shelf version for smaller agencies and self-employed agents too.

The platform says it is competing on price as well as functionality with other property industry CRMs and says its £40 ($50) a month per user cost is half that of its more established competitors.

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