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Retired homeowners’ property wealth in the UK hits record £1.118 trillion

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Mortgage free retired homeowners’ property wealth has hit a record high of £1.118tr

Mortgage free retired homeowners saw their homes increase by nearly £1,000 a month over the past six months despite housing market uncertainty, analysis from UK’s leading independent equity release adviser Key shows.

Total property wealth owned by over-65s who are mortgage free is at a new record high of £1.118 trillion with the average homeowners seeing the value of their homes grow by £28 billion, Key’s Pensioner Property Equity Index reveals.

Across Great Britain average gains for the over 65s in property wealth are worth £5,998 each with all areas of the country benefiting in the past six months. Homeowners in Yorkshire and Humberside (+£8,607) have seen the biggest increases followed by those in Wales (+£7,875) and the North West (+£7,546) have also done better than average (+£5,889).

Retired, mortgage free homeowners in London (+£1,655) have the least to celebrate and have only just matched over six months the same amount over-65s in Yorkshire & Humberside have achieved in a month (+£1,435). Key’s index demonstrates the long-term investment success of home ownership and the value of housing wealth for retirement planning.

Since Key started analysing the un-mortgaged property wealth of the over-65s in 2010 retired homeowners have seen growth of nearly £340 billion in property wealth – equivalent to an increase of 43%.

CEO at Key, Will Hale said retired homeowners who have paid off their mortgage have made on average nearly £1,000 from their homes per month with over-65s in some parts of the country experiencing even bigger gains. Those in Yorkshire and Humberside have seen the biggest increases while those in London have seen more modest gains.

The numbers are fascinating but the basic fact is that no matter what happens year to year to house prices many over-65s will have considerable property wealth which can transform their standard of living in retirement and help family members.

While equity release is not right for everyone, it is clear that if a home is the largest asset in retirement, one should take some time to think through when and if one might need to access this wealth. Speaking to a specialist adviser is key to making smart choices.

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