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Swindon property development plans submitted for approval

Swindon property development

Developer Hannick Homes has already been given permission in outline for the development

The design and layout details of a property development involving 70 homes to be built near the Commonhead roundabout have been revealed.

Developer Hannick Homes has already been given permission in outline for the development on open land behind M4 Van Centre on Marlborough Road, but it has now applied for approval for the design and layout of the houses.

The development could include 12 one and 13 two-bed flats, 41 three-bed, three two-bed and one larger four-bedroom houses.

According to drawings included as part of the application, apart from two apartment blocks at the entrance to the site, most of the homes face away from Marlborough Road and are arranged around a central triangular green.

The developers say they want to create a space without areas out of sight, adding: All properties throughout the development front a defined access route. The number of sides fronting the public realm is reduced and assists in creating ‘active frontages’ which promote natural surveillance.

The well-defined routes reduce areas for potential criminal activity. Any criminal activity would attract attention, and with many overlooking properties and an established sense of guardianship action is more likely to be taken. Car parking is located in areas under natural surveillance from adjoining properties and the use of non-overlooked parking courts has been avoided, they said.

They said the development as designed will promote a sense of ownership, respect, territorial responsibility and community. By designing clearly defined public, semi-private and private spaces we wish to generate a sense of ownership and responsibility for properties and the development as a whole.

One of the ground floor flats will be a specially constructed accessible apartment. Swindon Borough Council’s policy is that two per cent of all developments should be accessible. There will be 21 units let at an affordable rent, 80 per cent of market rate, again in keeping with the council’s 30 per cent stipulation.

The affordable units will cover the range including the only four-bedroom house.

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